SF Obscure: The Phoenix (and my adventures in the 80’s)

Did some summer TV watching!

Smart Girls love SciFi

So, it’s summer. And what better way to spend the lazy days of summer than watching some SF/Paranormal and fantasy TV? Since I re-watched Sapphire and Steel last time- a show which requires some  thinking-I decided to watch shows that didn’t require much thinking. After running across a list of ‘tacky’ shows of the ’80’s I thought it best to re-watch a few episodes of those I could get my hands on and test the tackiness. Whether you lived during the ’80’s or know it only through myth, legend, and syndication let’s take a look, shall we?


I started off with THE PHOENIX, which actually turned out to be fairly good. I had vague memories of the show so it was interesting to watch a few episodes with a fresh perspective. Basically, it follows the discovery of an ancient astronaut, Bennu (played by Justin Scott) who is awakened/activated…

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