SF Obscure: The OTHERS

Smart Girls love SciFi


The Others is a 2000 paranormal television series which lasted for only thirteen episodes. It based around a group of people with psychic abilities known as the Others. These ‘Others’ originally came together in the 1920’s and is carried on with one of the original members, Elmer Greentree (Bill Cobb,) sort of guiding the group along. Professor Miles Ballard (John Billingsley) ho had no psychic talents but serves as the organizer of the group- contacting potential members, researching paranormal phenomena, and maintaining the website, of course. The pilot centers on a young college student, Marian Kitt (Julianne Nicholson) who communicates with the ghost of a student who drowned in her dorm. It is revealed that Marian has struggled with her abilities to see ghosts all of her life. As a result of the ghost encounter, Marian is contacted by Professor Ballard, and becomes the newest member of the Others.


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