SF Obscure: EARTH 2

This week I cover the SF show Earth 2

Smart Girls love SciFi


The colonization theme is discussed a lot in SF. Generally it centers around whether or not we can find an earth- like planet or terraform one; how we’ll get there; who should go;  that type of thing. Less discussed is the issue of should we? What about other species that might already live there? How does our colonization change their life? Perhaps humans and earth are tied together and once earth is gone we should bow out gracefully. Maybe we can’t colonize unless we evolve into something else.

Anyway, after contemplating those deep thoughts…let’s take a look at a show which made an attempt to kinda, sorta, answer those questions.

Earth 2 aired for one season of 22 episodes from 1994 to 1995. It focuses on a group called the Eden Project, led by billionaire Devon Adair, to colonize and hopefully cure an illness called “the syndrome”. The syndrome is…

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