SF Obscure: V

This time I revisit the classic V.

Smart Girls love SciFi

V: The Original Miniseries (1983)
V:The Final Battle (1984)
V: The Series (1984)
V (2009 TV Series)

V: The Original Series was a big deal when it premiered in 1983. I remember it as one of the few times I watched a miniseries. (Do they even make miniseries anymore?) Since then, V has become a staple of SF-even those who haven’t watched it in a while, such as myself.

The basic premise of V in all its incarnations concerns a group of motherships arriving on Earth with aliens, called the Visitors, who share their technology. At first, they claim to be helping humanity, but slowly a nefarious agenda becomes apparent. A resistance develops to fight the aliens.

That’s a very general outline because V: The Original Series, its follow-up, and the 2009 remake all took different approaches to the Visitors. The original 1983 Miniseries was intended to be an…

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