SF Obscure: War of the Worlds TV Series

Smart Girls love SciFi


Last time on SF Obscure we got to take a trip down the memory lane of V, so now it’s time for War of The Worlds TV series.

I’d completely forgotten about it. It all starts with the H.G. Wells novel (1898) which is probably eclipsed by the original Orson Welles broadcast (1938), the classic movie (1953) and the Spielberg remake.  All the versions have significant differences but are generally tied together by the Tripod aliens. (Love or hate the Spielberg movie remake but those Tripods were great).

So on to the series. Thirty-five years on, the 1953 War of The Worlds invasion was real. Humanity was saved by the aliens inability to fight of infection, but they didn’t die. Instead, they are just dormant. (A later episode will reveal that the 1938 Welles broadcast was real too.) Dormant, but now that radiation has revived them are ready to…

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