SF Obscure: Alien Nation

Alien Nation is a classic.

Smart Girls love SciFi


I had the pleasure of doing a short post on brothers Kenny and Michael Mittleider’s  Alien Nation: The Newcomer’s Podcast around the time I was just beginning to blog. I told myself I really needed to watch that series again, so I finally did.

I still love it.

Alien Nation was a TV series which ran for one season 1989-1990 with  five later TV movies coming after. (Those are available in a box set which unfortunately I haven’t been able to do a re-watch of). I was based on a SF film starring James Caan and Mandy Patinkin which was in turn based on an SF novel. Alien Nation: the series  begins about five years after  ships carrying alien slaves crash on earth. The aliens, the Tenctonese, called Newcomers are slowly integrated into modern American life. The show follows the lives of two police officers:  Matthew Sikes (Gary Graham) a…

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