SF Obscure: Crime Traveller and Timecop

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Time Travel Shows That Ran out of Time

Time Travel is a standard plot in SF TV. I just finished watching Season 1 of Continuum which is a very good time travel show. And I have written about a time travel/timeslip classic Sapphire and Steel. So I decided to look up some time travel shows that slipped in and out of the radar.
240px-CrimetravellerCrime Traveller

This was a 1997 show broadcast by the BBC which lasted for only eight episodes. It centers around Jeff Slade, a detective and Holly Turner, a science officer with the police who happens to have a time machine in her apartment that her late father built. It’s a strange premise, to be sure. Kind of reaching. I  did wonder how a person could just keep a time machine in their apartment with no one noticing, but I was willing to suspend disbelief for a…

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