SF Obscure: Millennium

Remember Millenium?

Smart Girls love SciFi


With a few words about Harsh Realm.

So the big X-files reboot is on the horizon. I want to see it… I’m afraid to see it…I probably will try. Regardless, X-files is a phenomenon. I did a post about the spin-off series TheLone Gunmen, but not about the shared universe series Millennium.

Millennium ran from 1996-1999.  It follows the investigations of ex-FBI agent Frank Black, who has the psychic ability to see inside the minds of criminals. He is later recruitedby an organization known as the Millennium Group. Peter Watts, played by Terry O’Quinn ( known in a lot of SF) is his contact. The stories include standalones- in which Frank Black tracks a criminal- and mythology stories with the Millennium Group. His wife Catherine Black, counsels crime victims and his daughter, Jordan Black, may have inherited her father’s psychic abilities. In the third and final…

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