SF Obscure: EUREKA

Smart Girls love SciFi

Hi out there in SF Obscure land! This week, let’s talk a bit about a fun comedy-drama show with humor and science and goofy nerd stuff that was Eureka.

Eureka is based around a community of scientific geniuses who work for Global Dynamics- a secretive advanced research facility.  Most of the residents of the town have a genius of some type-the owner of the cafe is a culinary genius; the police deputy is a security specialist. The show generally begins with Jack Carter, the town sheriff being called in to investigate a crime involving one of the scientists or their inventions. Jack Carter is not one of the scientific geniuses, so generally the concepts have to be explained  a clever way to info dump) and he uses his street smarts to solve it. Occasionally, there are longer episode arcs involving government cover-ups, corporate rivalry etc.

The real strength of Eureka…

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