What I’d Want on a Deserted Island


A helicopter so I could fly off if it?  Transporter technology? Heck, I just want that anyway.

My glasses- so I don’t end up like Mr. Bemis in the Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last.”  Actually if I were on a deserted island I’d probably just assume that I was on a Twilight Zone episode and spend most of my time trying to figure out if I were part of an alien exhibit; or really a robot; or I was suddenly going to start disappearing. Once I felt reasonably confident that none of those things were true, I’d work on surviving. 

For physical survival: 

Water filter tablets. 

A Swiss army knife. (I’ve never had one but it sounds like a good thing to have)

 Some matches and/or a lighter.

 A ham radio. (I’m going to assume the smartphone would be rendered useless rather quickly) 

A blanket. 


Dr. Bronner’s soap. 

A wheelbarrow. 

A jacket. 

A box of oatmeal. 

An iron skillet. (useful for cooking and hitting something over the head with it.)

 A bag of taco flavored Doritos. (OK. I don’t need those to survive, but I need some comfort food)

For mental survival:

A picture of my husband and daughter.

A box of mystery novels.

Some pens.

A notebook. (because I don’t know how to survive without pen and paper. If nothing else, I’d write memos such as “what to forage today” or “insects I think I can eat” or “oatmeal recipes).

Any other suggestions? Leave them in the comments.

Author’s I wish more people knew about


I picked a few authors that I hadn’t heard of until I stumbled upon their books. Maybe I was just out of the loop.  I read their books, enjoyed them, and thought…Why hadn’t I heard of you? Where have you been all my reading life?


Attica Locke came up in one of those amazon suggested links that I generally ignore but on one flight of fancy decided to check it out. I’m very glad I did. She writes tough, gritty mysteries with lots of historical background. This one covers a lot of the late sixties/early seventies racial politics and social upheaval. The characters are rich, complex, and totally engrossing.


I stumbled across this book on a bin dedicated to ESL readers practicing English. I sometimes like a cozy mystery-I can’t do hardboiled all the time. This one was fun and better than I expected. The great part about cozies is having a quirky cast of characters along for the ride and this series does it well. Plus a ghost and time slips. It could be a goofy mess, but it’s not. 


This one I found at the library and fell in love with the series. I have a soft spot for westerns. My father was an avid watcher of westerns-Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, The Big Valley. I used to read a lot of western paperbacks in high school. If the title alone doesn’t peak your interest-it’s really good. I’m so glad I found this series.


Plenty of people know David Gann. I was just out of the loop. I read The Devil and Sherlock Holmes. Then decided to read The Lost City of Z. Next on my TBR is Killers of the Flower Moon.

Any other suggestions, please leave in the comments. 

Books I Keep Meaning to Read(But Haven’t)


I have many, many books on my TBR. Some I get to quickly. Others only on vacations.  I decided to pick a few series that I’ve heard about and still intend to get to. One of these days….

The Three Body Problem Cixin Liu


I have this book. I will read this book. It’s one of those that I just haven’t had the time since I’ve purchased it to concentrate on it.

The Calculating Stars    Mary Robinette Kowai


This has been recommended to me by lots of friends. It does look to be up my alley. I’m adding the series to my Christmas list. I might even get actual physical books.

The Hyperion Series Dan Simmons


This series it at my local library. I’ve seen it, but what really peaked my interest was watching a Youtube show which covers lots of SF universes.

Doctor Sleep Stephen King


I don’t read a lot of Stephen King because I scare easily. But, I have a love of  The Shining in books and movie forms. I should probably read it before the movie comes out.

Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse) James S.A. Corey


I’m really enjoying the Expanse on Amazon Prime. I’m considered the audiobook because I’ve heard good things about it.

Any other suggestions?


LSR Anniversary: Terran Temptation

My futuristic romance TERRAN TEMPTATION is featured as part of Long and Short Reviews Anniversary Blogfest. You are most welcome to stop by, find lots of great books and writers, and win some prizes.


Dr. Annalisha Montague has earned a glowing reputation as a Terran scientist. She has also attracted the attention of two men, a senator who wants her for her bloodline and a Terran commander who wants her heart and soul. Will she choose to honor her bloodline or her heart?

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“Reviewing Fiction One Happy Ever After at a Time”

Books I had to read in school and liked


I read a lot in school. I was kind of awkward and bullied in junior high school so I lived in the library. Before school, after school, during lunch I went to the library. I can’t remember books I had to read in class-I remember filling out lots of those reader charts and getting gold stars. But the ones I remember in detail were those high school reading list books. These are a few that I actually liked. 

Animal Farm/ George Orwell

This was one of the first works I read in which I learned about how fiction can be used as an allegory for real world events. I always read quite a bit, but my sense of reading wasn’t that broad. Or, not so I noticed.  I remember some of my classmates didn’t get it, but I love it and immediately read…

1984/George Orwell which is still a book I read from time to time and quote now and then. 

The Canterbury Tales/Chaucer

Pilgrimages!! I think I liked this mainly because it was so old and  I liked learning about old English. The more ancient, the better. It makes it close to mythology and I love mythology. Plus, we got to dress up in medieval costumes. Beowulf was pretty good too, now that I think of it. 

Turn of the Screw/ Henry James

Gothic horror. My love began here. There is a movie called The Others with Nicole Kidman more or less based on it. Worth the watch. 

Macbeth/William Shakespeare

My favorite Shakespeare play with King Lear running a close second.  It was way better than Romeo and Juliet-but for some reason teachers were always convinced that students would love it. I always found it a bit silly; even if I have a deeper appreciation of it now. Macbeth was more up my ally-witches, murder, paranoia. Good stuff.

The Bluest Eye/ Toni Morrison

I read this one in my senior year. And I read it again and again.  At the time I went to high school, books by black authors were still rare. My parents had a library of books and I read lots of non-fiction and history about African American heritage. James Baldwin, Alice Walker, Ralph Ellison, The Autobiography of Malcolm X-I read from my parents collection.  The Bluest Eye remains my favorite Toni Morrison book. She is a legend and she is missed. 

LSR Anniversary: Raw Materials

My M/M romance RAW MATERIALS is featured as part of Long and Short Reviews Blogfest. Stop by for more books and the chance to win prizes.

Graham Warren is a vet, an adventurer, and man who dresses his own way and lives by his own rules. He’s suddenly inherited his own company, and attends a RAW Materials conference to change his personal image, but nothing seems to be working.

Edward Vincent has looks, style, and attitude. He runs RAW, the private coaching and personal enhancement empire targeting wealthy corporate clients. Edward Vincent believes anyone can completely transform to someone entirely different. After all, he’s done it himself.

When Edward Vincent offers Graham Warren some very personalized coaching, he can’t resist. After all, he’s drawn to Edward Vincent and knows there must be secrets behind those cryptic glances and finely pressed suits.

Can both of these men leave personal motivation behind to find the motivation to love each other?


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“Reviewing Fiction One Happy Ever After at a Time”

What I Read When I’m Not Feeling Well


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When I am under the weather or generally out of sorts,  I  want some hot tea and a book to read. Books make me feel better. And honestly, when I’m sick, the television always seems to loud and too bright. Books are just right.

The Discworld Series has always been one of my favorites. I have too many Discworld books to count and too many characters to love: Granny Weatherwax is my idol. My favorite Discworld book of all Interesting Times. I’ve read that book so often, it’s falling apart now and it kept together by a rubber band. I need to buy a new copy, I know. Other favorites…The Fifth Elephant and Going Postal. 

Long ago, when I worked in Tokyo, I had a tiny apartment and no television so I read a lot of books. This was one of the best times of my life and I should probably resume my no TV life. Which, I kind of have. I haven’t watched network shows in years. Any, I was a big fan of the Ed McBain 87th Precinct series and the Robert Parker novels. When the workday ended on a Friday, I’d get a new Ed McBain, Robert Parker, or Sue Grafton. All of those writers are gone now, and I kind of miss those days when I was single and had time to do nothing but read all weekend. 

I first became aware of  Changeling Press through the anthologies. Full disclosure: I write for them now. But back in the day, before I even had an e-reader, I used to get their paperback anthologies. They were one of the few places I knew of then that had erotic romances with aliens and what not. My go to beach reads. 


In the realm of audiobooks I love the Blake’s 7 audio dramas put out by Big Finish. I have quite a few of their audiobooks which often includes cast members. Gareth Thomas (Blake), Jacquelin Pierce (Servalan) and Paul Darrow (Avon) are gone now, so I have to admit, listening to their voices now makes me tear up a bit. 

And don’t forget:

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Books I Loved and Never Wrote Reviews For


This week’s challenge was a tough one. (Check out the others on Long and Short Reviews) I’ve written lots of reviews over the years for various sites and I am fairly consistent about leaving reviews on my kindle books as soon as I finish them. I know how much it means to the authors and how much it helps. I don’t leave reviews of DNF books or books I hated. If I write a review, it’s because I loved something and want to share.

There are a few books I read before the easy e-book age that I feel deserve more credit.

Barbara Neely’s Blanche series was out of print for a while; they are now readily available as downloads and worth every cent. I read the series, which is about a Black maid who solves crimes. It’s grittier than a cozy mystery, but not crime or noir. Blanche is insightful, intelligent, and a narrator that is easy to admire. I loved these books and I encourage fans of mystery to give it a try.


Liz William’s is a beautiful writer. I love her style and her creative mix of science fiction/fantasy/ surreal. Her books aren’t easy but every page is a treat. Banner of Souls is about technology that gets energy from the realm of the dead. And there is a famous warrior from Mars who uses the technology. 


Just read it. It will make sense then. 

I mention this one mainly because I got this book as a Christmas gift some years ago. I love The Dark Crystal and the artwork. I am looking forward to Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance later this month. This is a truly beautiful book and just looking at the sketches and ideas and images that go into Froud’s deep creativity are astounding. 


This was another Christmas gift. I loved Trisha Biggar’s designs. I enjoyed reading about how see thinks through her ideas as well as how she chooses the fabrics and motifs. 


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I’ve been out and about for the summer visiting family. And steady at work on my writing. I hope everyone is around for the Long and Short Reviews Anniversary party. Two of my books will be featured along with lots of other great ones.


Favorite Quotes from Books


This week’s post from Long and Short Reviews is…Favorite Quotes from Books.


“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”

“I don’t much care where –”

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” 

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

“Nothing belongs to us. Everything is something that is rented out. Our very heads are filled with rented ideas passed on from one generation to the next.” 

Thomas Ligotti, Teatro Grottesco

“The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.” 

George Orwell, 1984

“When your rage is choking you, it is best to say nothing.” 

Octavia E. Butler, Fledgling

“So the universe is not quite as you thought it was. You’d better rearrange your beliefs, then. Because you certainly can’t rearrange the universe.” 

Isaac Asimov, Nightfall

“Whatever happens, they say afterwards, it must have been fate. People are always a little confused about this, as they are in the case of miracles. When someone is saved from certain death by a strange concatenation of circumstances, they say that’s a miracle. But of course if someone is killed by a freak chain of events — the oil spilled just there, the safety fence broken just there — that must also be a miracle. Just because it’s not nice doesn’t mean it’s not miraculous.” 

Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times

Coming Soon: Terran Temptation

I have a new release coming soon with Changeling Press. This is my first SFR/Futuristic romance. Cover art by Angela Knight. And thanks to my wonderful editor Kira Stone.


Dr. Annalisha Montague has earned a glowing reputation as a Terran scientist. She has also attracted the attention of two men, a senator who wants her for her bloodline and a Terran commander who wants her heart and soul. Will she choose to honor her bloodline or her heart?